But First Breathe

"With every breath, you're offered the opportunity to hold your child in your aims, feel your heart crack open, and be present for a mystery unfolding." Anne Cushman, author of The Mama Sutra

Control of breath gifts us the ability to slow time and slow our reactions. Not just our reactions to the heated moments that come with raising children, but also the joy filled ones. It gives us space to observe and feel all the sensations of our moments so we can bottle the memory up for safe keeping.

All pranayama, aka breath control, is aimed at promoting and maintaining our overall health.

When the mind is stressed, the breath is shallow which tells the nervous system something is wrong. By guiding the breath in the stressful moments we can signal to the nervous system that we are OK and we can stop the spiral into anxiety. We slow the heart down and keep the body and mind in balance with one another and in harmony with our surroundings.

Breath is the sound we yearn to hear our baby make for 40 weeks of pregnancy and it's what we look for each night in our infants belly. Breath is our to keep, ours to grow and ours to share. But first, we must remember to just breath.

Enjoy building a connection to your breath through the Mindful Mama channel inside the Updog Yoga Mamas class library.

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The Updog Yoga Mamas intention, is to provide a way for mamas to bring yoga into their daily routine without complication. To empower mamas to acknowledge their energy and their families energy each day, and then select the best practice for that day. Whether it be a 10 minute grounding meditation to balance out the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood, a 30 minute gentle yin to restore the body after a sleepless night or a 45 minute power flow to energise the body and mind - mamas now have the choice to cater their daily practice to suit their needs. Join now >

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