Creating a Yoga Routine in Motherhood

What brought you to your yoga mat the very first time? Most likely it was the physical fitness opportunity. That was me too! But, what kept you coming back to your mat? Most likely it was the unique yoga feeling of balance within yourself created after a blissful yoga practice. That was me too! That's what makes yoga such a beautiful practice! When you show up on your yoga mat, you don't just work the body you connect to Y O U through the movements, the breath and the mindful intentions.

Postnatal Yoga Cuddle
If only yoga with little one's always looked so cute.

Now that your a mama bear or a soon-to-be mama bear, your yoga practice is probably looking a little different. If your pregnant, your navigating around that growing belly and dealing with fluctuating energy levels (hello yin and hip width stance!). If you're postnatal, your life is consumed with a little one (hello pranayama and 20 minute practices!) . In both of these chapters, the priority of Y O U and your yoga practice can easily get pushed down the list. However, maintaining that connection to yourself is potentially more important now than ever before; let me help you keep yourself a priority!

Did you know that physical movement, aka asana in sanskrit, is only one small part of the entire yoga practice?! Asana is one of eight limbs that Patanjali lays out for us in The Yoga Sutras. (You can think of Patanjali as a founding father of yoga who literally wrote the book on how to live that yoga life...The Yoga Sutras.)

Having perspective that the physical movement of yoga is only an eighth of the suggested ingredients to create a complete yoga practice is a beautiful thing to remember as we find our rhythm and balance in motherhood. So, my mama friends, it's time you give yourself permission to enjoy all the sides of yoga!

In those early years of motherhood, filling up our yoga practice with more than asanas can be such a treat...and so necessary. Think mindfulness, think meditation, think breathing. Create a daily mindfulness routine during your morning breast or bottle feed with a gratefulness meditation. Find a calming breathing exercise during a toddler tantrum or the nighttime routine for your pranayama. Stay present in each moment as you manage your time between all of the priorities creates drishti focus. And of course, there is also our much needed asana where we create nourishing and energising movements on our yoga mat. Finding time for all of these actions create a full yoga practice, and all of these actions fill up that mama cup. The "trick"to creating these new habits is to add them into existing ones. Before you know it, you're living that yoga life more deeply than before you began your motherhood journey, and your a happier mama for it! That's the beauty of this journey, it allows us to become more aware of ourselves as we watch in awe of our little one's blossoming before us.

So what can you do to help create these daily practices in your already full mama-routine?

  1. Give yourself permission to acknowledge your energy level each day and enjoy a non-physical practice or restorative yoga class when you need to.

  2. Make your personal routine a priority just as much as you make your little one's routine a priority. (ok almost as much of a priority...#reallife)

  3. Implement a mindful practice into an existing routine: meditation at the first feed, pranayama during bathtime, etc.

  4. Find a block of time in your existing routine where you can enjoy a flow. It doesn't have to be at the same exact time each day...we're all living that mama-life afterall...but in that same 1.5 hour block each day make you the priority for 10-45 minutes. This could be during a nap-time, during an independent play-time or even before the kids wake up.

  5. Keep that yoga mat in sight, so when the moment strikes you can roll it out and enjoy a flow.

  6. Subscribe to so when that moment does strike, you can easily follow along with a class that is your preferred style at your preferred practice length.


The Updog Yoga Mamas intention, is to provide a way for mamas to bring yoga into their daily routine without complication. I want to empower mamas to acknowledge their energy and their families energy each day, and then select the best practice for that day. Whether it be a 10 minute grounding meditation to balance out the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood, a 30 minute gentle yin to restore the body after a sleepless night or a 45 minute power flow to energise the body and mind - mamas now have the choice to cater their daily practice to suit their needs. Join now >

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